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Columbia's Gans Creek cross country course is hosting this weekend's MSHSAA state cross country championships (2021 file photo courtesy of Columbia Parks and Recreation)

CVB: MSHSASA events are important to Columbia’s tourism industry

Columbia’s Gans Creek cross country course will continue to host Missouri’s state cross country championships, through 2029 (2021 file photo courtesy of Columbia Parks and Recreation)

The Missouri State High School Activities Association’s (MSHSAA) state basketball championships will return to Columbia in the spring for the first time since 2017.

MSHSAA has awarded four statewide events to Columbia, including the basketball championships. Columbia will continue to host three other events through 2029: the state wrestling championships, state cross country championships and the state music festival.

Columbia’s Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is praising MSHSAA’s decision to award four events to Columbia. CVB director Amy Schneider says these events are critical to Columbia’s tourism industry, which she describes as a vital local economic driver.

MSHSAA’s state cross country championships will continue to be held at Columbia’s Gans Creek, through 2029.

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