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CMSE also operates a retail greenhouse next to its plant on Columbia's South Bearfield road (May 2022 photo courtesy of CMSE's Bruce Young)

Disabled mid-Missourians assisting Columbia businesses with subcontracting work

(This is the second part of a two-part series on the impact of CMSE in Columbia and in central Missouri)

CMSE also operates a retail greenhouse next to its plant on Columbia’s South Bearfield road (May 2022 photo courtesy of CMSE’s Bruce Young)

A growing number of Columbia-area businesses are subcontracting with Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprises (CMSE) for assembly, packing and other work. The number is now more than 15.

CMSE recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. It has more than 100 employees with disabilities who work at the air-conditioned manufacturing plant and warehouse on Columbia’s South Bearfield road. CMSE board president Ed Scavone, the Central Bank of Boone County president, says they’re always looking for additional business partners.

“A lot of our business partners in the community, we try to recognize them. But they’ve been long-term. You know, since the beginning because of the quality of the work. And we provide that service for them that they might have to offshore the work or send it to Mexico. But we can do it here,” Scavone says.

Scavone says CMSE’s annual quality rating has been above 98 percent for the past seven years. Mizzou, Shelter Insurance and Weaver Manufacturing are some of the companies and organizations that subcontract with CMSE.

CMSE executive director Bruce Young says his employees love to work, and enjoy the family and team atmosphere at the facility. Mr. Young is encouraging other mid-Missouri businesses to contact him.

“The employees we have, some of them may not work quite as fast as other workers or that kind of thing. But they are hard workers, and we can just do about any type of job you want. And I would ask if you’ve got work, give us a holler, come look at what we’ve got and I’m sure we can help you,” Young says.

CMSE employees perform numerous duties. Some bag and pack, while others make door frames or stethoscope replacement kits. The plant has about $2-million in state-of-the-art equipment. Interested companies can contact Mr. Young at (573) 442-6935.

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