Driver charged after deadly Highway 63 crash in Columbia

A woman is dead, and a driver is in jail, after a deadly crash on Highway 63.

Columbia Police say passenger Sarah Bounds died after her car slammed into the back of a pickup towing a trailer at about 2 p.m. Thursday near the Broadway exit in Columbia. She was 25 years old.

The driver of the car, 20-year-old Talon Kobush, allegedly ran from the crash. He was booked into jail late Thursday night on charges of involuntary manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident, and drug possession.

The pickup driver, 23-year-old Brady Wiler of New Bloomfield, was not hurt.

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  1. I was rear ended on 63 and 70 near the 70 intersection once I regained consciousness I drove home nobody had stopped to see if I was OK no police had showed up when I got home I looked at my car to assess the damage and I had a partial license plate number on it I mean imprinted in it! I did call the sheriffs department they came out and what they asked me kind of astounded me! they asked if the person calls and reports himself as the person who made the hit-and-run if I wanted to press any charges? They said that sometimes after an accident like that they will turn themselves in. I was OK the ambulance people were there assessing me my boyfriend was there and putting me on the spot like that it kind of made me feel bad so I said no! But what I should’ve said is yes! They shouldn’t have take no for an answer! They should’ve press charges! Anyone who chooses to leave a scene knowing that a person is injured doesn’t even bother to check on them is an idiot and has no compassion for anyone but themselves! I suffered for three days after in pain! My issues were pre-existing but the incident definitely inflamed them!

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