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DWI officers prepare for New Year’s Eve

Stay smart if you plan to party on New Year’s Eve. Officer Scott Lenger with Columbia Police says he’s seen deadly consequences when people choose to drive drunk.


“It kind of puts life into perspective about how quick it can be taken away by something as drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a car.”


CPD and other local law enforcement will be out in force on New Year’s Eve. Lenger is one of several Columbia officers who focus just on DWI enforcement.


“It’s something we take very serious, and we have to because of the results of someone drinking and driving and being involved in a crash,” CPD Sgt. Curtis Perkins adds on Wake Up Columbia.


Perkins says CPD makes about 400 DWI arrests a year. But he adds more of those arrests are made on St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween than New Year’s Eve.

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