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Elledge jurors hear testimony from former KRCG reporter who interviewed Elledge, and from man who found Gi’s remains

Joseph Elledge
Joseph Elledge is charged with first degree murder

A jury in a high-profile Columbia murder trial heard testimony Friday afternoon from a retired carpenter who found Menggi Ji’s remains in Rock Bridge state park in March.

Steven Roberts testifies that he was walking on a deer trail in a remote area of the park, when he noticed what he described as something rectangular. Mr. Roberts found Gi’s skull, bones and shoes in the park, and immediately reported it to the Rock Bridge state park warden.

Another witness testified that Ji’s eyeglasses, driver license and library card were also found.

More prosecution witnesses are being called to the witness stand on this Monday. Boone County Prosecutor Dan Knight says the victim was murdered, while defense attorney Scott Rosenblum says Ji died from a tragic accident, not a murder.

The jury also heard Friday testimony  from a former KRCG reporter who conducted an on-camera interview with Elledge in October 2019.

Gladys Bautista, who’s now a television reporter in Louisville, testified that she knocked on Elledge’s door after Gi disappeared, to see if he would speak on-camera. Elledge declined but Bautista went back the next day and knocked again. He then agreed to speak on-camera.

That’s the only on-camera interview Elledge did, about the case. Gi’s remains had not been found, when the interview was done.

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