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Columbia's Hickman high school was built in 1927 (file photo courtesy of the CPS website)

Extra law enforcement resources will be on Columbia’s Hickman campus Thursday, following graffiti message

Columbia’s Hickman high school was built in 1927 (photo courtesy of the CPS website)

While officials at Columbia’s Hickman high school don’t believe a message written on a bathroom stall is a credible threat, they say they’ll have additional law enforcement resources available on-campus Thursday to ensure everyone feels safe.

Hickman is located near the Business Loop and Providence. Hickman principal Mary Grupe has written a letter to Hickman families, saying it was a graffiti message written on a stall. Principal Grupe says the incident is being thoroughly investigated by school staff, Columbia Public Schools (CPS) safety and security personnel and by Columbia Police. Her letter says the message included the possibility of a threat to campus.

She emphasizes that CPS and Hickman treat all threats, real or rumor, seriously. She says the safety and well-being of Hickman students is their top priority, and that they want all students to feel safe at school.

In her letter to parents, principal Grupe also says “a number of students” have continued to spread rumors and escalate the situation on social media. She’s asking parents to speak to their children and says if children hear or see something, it should be reported to an adult.

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