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Ferguson Appeal Is Filed

A Columbia man starts the appeal process to get out of a 40-year prison sentence now that another Columbia man says he alone committed the crime. Ryan Ferguson has been in prison since 2005 for the 2001 robbery, beating and strangulation death of Columbia daily tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt. Ferguson’s former friend now says that he committed the crime alone without Ryan.  Chuck Erickson pleaded guilty in 2005 and testified against Ferguson.  Erickson’s statements are included in a motion filed by Ferguson’s attorneys in the western district court of appeals.

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  1. As a criminal justice student I am outraged at this case. I have thought it was a crock of s**t since it started. The police and media wanted a conviction even if it was the wrong person and now there is one stupid idiot (Erickson) and one young man that have lost their youth thanks to a nightmare.

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