Forgiveness, anger after ex-Dallas cop sentenced to 10 years

(AP) – The 10-year prison sentence given to a white Dallas police officer who shot and killed her black neighbor after saying she mistook his apartment for hers sparked anger but also moments of forgiveness.

The dead man’s brother and the black judge hugged the sobbing officer in a stunning courtroom scene Wednesday. The brother, 18-year-old Brandt Jean, told officer Amber Guyger that he loved her as a person and didn’t wish anything bad on her.

People outside the courtroom reacted angrily to Guyger’s sentence, believing she should’ve received more time for shooting the unarmed Botham Jean in his own living room. Dozens of demonstrators later marched through parts of downtown Dallas to protest the sentence.

Guyger, who was fired after the September 2018 shooting, was convicted of murder Tuesday.

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