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Pat Fowler
Pat Fowler (Photo: Pat Fowler 4 First Ward Facebook page)

Fowler campaigns on neighborhood issues in First Ward race

Columbia’s next city councilperson will jump into a tough budget situation.

First Ward candidate Pat Fowler says the coronavirus pandemic magnified inequalities already in place.

“I think the discussion about revenue shortfalls, and/or revenue allocations, needs to start with how do we support our medically fragile, our economically fragile, and our vulnerable citizens.”

The local construction company business manager says she will also focus on neighborhood issues, and how the city draws its new ward maps, if she gets elected to represent the central city. Fowler says the central city has not always gotten a fair shake on issues like infrastructure funding.

“I am fortunate that when my basement floods it’s just stormwater, but my neighbors are not so fortunate.”

Fowler is one of three city council candidates running on June 2 to replace Clyde Ruffin. He is not seeking re-election.

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