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Gov. Parson withholds more spending in 2021 state budget

Gov. Mike Parson signs a smaller 2021 state budget after coronavirus concerns limit revenues. The budget totals about $35.3 billion.

Parson said Tuesday revenues dipped about seven percent in 2020, leaving the state $1 billion short of its January projection.

“We had to restrict over $430 million in 2020 spending to balance the budget, and we will continue to face budget shortfalls in fiscal year 2021,” said Parson.

Parson is restricting another $448 million in spending for the 2021 budget. A large portion of that is coming out of state education budgets. He also line-item vetoed 17 different items on the budget, totaling another $11 million.

(This story was last updated at 5:53 a.m. Wednesday.)


  1. Education is the one area or the State Of Missouri does not need a budget cut. Why not cut all the fluff off the Medicaid Budget for drug addicts and people who cheat the system. Our seniors need the service but the millennials who ride the sluff and fluff of Medicaid should be policed and found out and taken out of the system, not EDUCATION. This is wrong Governor Parsons.

  2. Do you want to raise revenue in this state? Then raise the corporate tax rates back to 6.25%. You republican law makers can raise it 2% points.

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