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Gov. Parson, First Lady both test positive for COVID-19

Gov. Mike Parson and his wife, Teresa, both tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday.

An official release says the First Lady started feeling minor symptoms and was given a rapid test, which came back positive. She and the governor were then given PCR tests, which came back positive Wednesday afternoon. The governor is not showing any symptoms as of now.

Health director Randall Williams said Wednesday his department is currently identifying and reaching out to any close contacts from the governor’s recent travel across the state.

“Surprisingly, it’s not as big a number as you might think, because while they may be in a room of a thousand people, the number of people who are literally with them for 15 minutes right up next to them is actually a smaller number,” said Williams.

Both Gov. Parson and the First Lady will isolate for 10 days, and the governor’s staff is going through testing procedures. The governor’s scheduled events, including a Friday debate between him and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nicole Galloway, have been canceled until further notice.

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