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Greitens admits affair, is accused of blackmail

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens acknowledges he was “unfaithful” in his marriage but denies allegations that he blackmailed the woman he had an extramarital affair with to stay quiet.

The Republican governor and his wife released a statement Wednesday night. It came after St. Louis television station KMOV reported that Greitens had a sexual relationship with his former hairdresser in 2015. The station reported that the woman’s ex-husband alleged Greitens photographed her nude and threatened to publicize the images if she spoke about the affair.

The woman allegedly involved did not comment on the record to the station, which released its report late Wednesday after Greitens gave his State of the State speech. But her ex-husband provided a recording of her detailing a sexual encounter with Greitens and saying Greitens told her the photos would be released if she exposed the affair. She did not know she was being recorded.

Greitens’ statement with his wife, Sheena, didn’t address the affair specifically or the allegations, but in a separate statement Greitens’ attorney, Jim Bennett, said, “There was no blackmail and that claim is false.”


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  1. That posing of the present Governor with an assault rifle on the hip, just shameful and disgusting. It would have been impossible for such a man to become even a nomination as a candidate for any political party in any civilised country. When I watched the Trump bipartisan meeting two days ago in the White |House, I constantly heared the words “security”and “safety” from all sides, and Trump found it necessary to describe the horrible “truck” event in New York, and link it to the lottery immigration with awful details about the victims: “no legs, no arms”. In the meantime I was all the time thinking: and what about the victims in Las Vegas and the many other victims of ( mass) shootings? No word about that at all. So how absurd to spend billions of tax payers money in walls to keep the American people safe and secure? Are they all blinded by ideology?

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