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Elijah Haahr
Elijah Haahr (Courtesy: Missouri House)

Haahr says bill challenging Grain Belt Express was priority

The first bill to pass in the Missouri House this year continues the fight over a big wind-energy project.

The measure would keep Grain Belt Express from being able to use eminent domain to place its large power poles across the state. It’s now in the Senate.

House Speaker Elijah Haahr says on The Gary Nolan Show that company should not be able to force farmers to give up some of their land.

“We don’t mind if they want to build their power line across northern Missouri. We just want them to have to negotiate with the farmers to get a fair value for the land, because this is a completely private endeavor.”

As of now, the Grain Belt Express is set to run wind power from Kansas across the state, hitting our area north of Columbia in Chariton, Randolph, and Monroe counties.

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