Hallsville woman charged with trying to shoot boyfriend

A Hallsville woman is accused of pulling a gun on her boyfriend.

Deputies arrested Jennifer Carney early Wednesday morning. The boyfriend says they started arguing at a home on Hecht Road and she tried to shoot him but the gun jammed.

Carney, 36, is now charged with armed criminal action and more.


  1. Danielle McCormick

    There is a lot more too this. The boyfriend is not allowed on the property. He has had numerous trespass warnings and even has domestic charges from putting his hands on Gin and the kids. He is in active addiction and is off the chain and very dangerous. This whole situation is bullshit. We have no idea where the kids are or if they are even safe. And if they are with Kevin, they are far from safe. God please protect my babies.

  2. He has numerous charges because she is constantly fighting with him and calling the police to play the victim. She’s manipulating everyone she comes in contact with, I don’t feel a bit sorry for her. Lock her up and keep her, all of her kids are much better off without her! She just posted last month saying she’s all for domestic violence and armed criminal action, looks like it wasn’t just some funny meme now, was it?

  3. Kevin is far from perfect and obviously Gin isn’t perfect either. They shoulda used her mugshot it shows just how strung out she really is. Those babies were safe with Kevin’s family till they were taken away from them. I know for a fact kevin would never hurt those babies.

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