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41-year-old Keith Comfort has been sentenced to 26 years in prison (undated file photo courtesy of the Boone County Sheriff's Department website)

High-profile Columbia murder trial to begin February 27

41-year-old Keith Comfort’s jury trial is set to begin on February 27, 2023 (undated file photo courtesy of the Boone County Sheriff’s Department website)

A Boone County judge says 75 to 80 potential jurors will be called to the Boone County Courthouse for late February’s jury selection in a high-profile Columbia murder trial.

41-year-old Keith Comfort is charged with second degree murder for the 2006 death of his wife. Prosecutors say Comfort strangled his wife before putting her body in a garbage bag and throwing it into an apartment dumpster on Amelia street.

939 the Eagle News was in the courtroom for Thursday’s hearing. Judge Jeff Harris told Boone County assistant prosecutor Susan Boresi and defense attorney Kevin O’Brien that Comfort’s five-day jury trial is set to begin on February 27.

Prosecutor Boresi told Judge Harris in open court that she’s recovering from surgery, but should be ready to go for Keith Comfort’s February 27 trial. Ms. Boresi tells Judge Harris she may need a device to assist her with walking during February’s jury trial.

Megan Shultz’s body was located in Columbia’s city landfill years later, after a lengthy search by Columbia Police.

The Columbia Police Department’s probable cause statement quotes Comfort as telling police that his wife was frantic and “swinging” her arms at him, after she allegedly did a drug transaction. Comfort is quoted as telling detectives that he strangled his wife before placing her body in a garbage bag, then throwing it into his Amelia street apartment dumpster. That’s near Old Highway 63 and the Columbia Country Club.

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