House bill changing conservation tax faces opposition

(Missourinet) A proposed constitutional amendment changing the state conservation tax had a lot of pushback during a hearing in the Missouri House on Monday night.

State conservation director Sara Parker Pauley testified that the tax costs Missourians about $19 each a year.

“I’m hoping that, that members of the committee heard from the vast majority of those in attendance tonight that they don’t want anything to change about how the department is funded, how conservation is funded here in the state.”

That one-eighth of one cent conservation tax has been locked in for decades. The House bill is asking to have voters decide whether to renew it every six years.

“The taxpayers have contacted me to express their desire to revisit the tax, and since I’m a representative of the people, I believe it’s my responsibility to be their voice. And that’s why I’m presenting this bill,” Rep. Mike Moon, the bill’s sponsor, said Monday.

“I think the timeliness of it kind of indicates that there’s not a real stomach in the legislature for this to go much further than tonight. But in any case, I’m here presenting it.”

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