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Boone County Sheriff's Department Captain Brian Leer prepares to brief reporters about the JT McLean case on September 9, 2021 (Brian Hauswirth photo)

Investigation into murder suspect JT McLean continues in mid-Missouri and South Dakota

Boone County Sheriff’s deputies say a Kaiser couple murdered in their home near the Lake of the Ozarks are related to one of suspect JT McLean’s ex-wives.

Boone County Sheriff’s Department Captain Brian Leer prepares to brief reporters about the JT McLean case on September 9, 2021 (Brian Hauswirth photo)

Boone County Sheriff’s Captain Brian Leer tells reporters that Miller County authorities immediately believed the deaths of Daniel and Pamela Stephan in Kaiser were related to Boone County’s investigation of McLean and a Boone County double homicide.

An unregistered motorcycle was also found at the residence, a dark-colored motorcycle. We do believe this was the motorcycle that McLean left the area on, and it was located near the residence in the woods by the victims’ residence in Miller County,” Leer told reporters Thursday afternoon, at the Boone County sheriff’s annex.

Authorities say McLean is suspected of killing the Kaiser couple, as well as the gruesome August murders of Fulton teacher Allison Abitz and her daughter Jozee.

South Dakota authorities say McLean was found dead in a stolen vehicle early Thursday in a motel parking lot, as South Dakota state troopers and sheriff’s deputies closed in on him.

Captain Leer describes Boone County’s investigation into the Abitz murders as active and ongoing.

However, we are working with the agencies mentioned previously today (at the press briefing) to try to put together the timeline and gather all information and evidence that we can to put together a complete investigation into the deaths of Allison and Jozee,” Captain Leer says.

Leer tells 939 the Eagle that McLean was in mid-Missouri this week.

South Dakota authorities have served search warrants in the McLean case.

ABC 17’s Lucas Geisler traveled to Dakota Dunes on Thursday to interview authorities and to review court documents. ABC-17 reports evidence seized from the stolen truck that McLean was driving include a white cord and rubber straps, along with a flashlight smeared with blood. The evidence obtained in the search warrants are expected to be used in the murder investigations in Boone and Miller counties.


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