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Iran vows to lead Gulf security, as US sends more troops

(AP) – Iran’s president says his country should lead regional security in the strategic Persian Gulf.

Hassan Rouhani said Sunday Iran extends its “hand of friendship and brotherhood” toward cooperating with regional nations.

Rouhani also said the presence of foreign forces in the Gulf could cause problems for the world’s “energy security.”

The U.S. is sending more troops to the Gulf and leading a maritime coalition, which includes the U.K., Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab nations, to secure the area’s waterways and vital oil trade routes.

The U.S. has alleged Iran is behind a series of attacks on the region’s energy infrastructure, as Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers collapses. Iran denies the allegations.

Rouhani said he will offer a regional peace plan during his visit to the U.N. this week.

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