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Israel’s 2 main political parties deadlocked after election

(AP) – Israel’s two main political parties are deadlocked after national elections, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu facing an uphill battle to keep his job.

Seeming kingmaker Avigdor Lieberman says Wednesday he’ll insist upon a secular unity government between Netanyahu’s Likud and Benny Gantz’s Blue and White parties, who are currently tied.

Lieberman says that is the “one and only option” on the table.

Without Lieberman’s endorsement, both parties appear to have fallen well short of securing a parliamentary majority with ideological allies.

Gantz, a former military chief, has ruled out sitting with a Netanyahu-led Likud at a time when the prime minister is expected to be indicted on corruption charges in the coming weeks. That could spell the end of Netanyahu’s lengthy rule.

However, final results could still swing toward Netanyahu.

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