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Jefferson City High School set for remodel

You’re hearing plenty about the plans to open the new Capital City High School next year. But what about the planned remodel of the current high school?

“As the section of the building gets done we will move into that section and it’s on the same timeline as Capital City, we’re shooting for the beginning of the school year in ’19.”

Dr. Brian Shindorf adds the plan is to use trailers at JC High in the interim while the construction is underway. But they will be removed as soon as the remodel is complete.

Jefferson City parents are concerned about which school their kids will attend when the second public high school opens next year.

Superintendent Dr. Larry Linthacum says a panel is getting public input and deciding where the dividing line will be set.

Lewis and Clark Middle School will feed the current high school. Thomas Jefferson would feed the new Capital City high school.

The debate revolves around which elementary schools would feed those middle schools.

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