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Carrie Tergin
Carrie Tergin

Jefferson City’s mayor says COVID numbers trending in right direction

Jefferson City’s mayor says the number of Cole County residents testing positive for COVID has started to decline since mid-August.

Mayor Carrie Tergin presented a pandemic update to the City Council at Tuesday night’s meeting, saying the number of COVID admissions at local hospitals has also started to trend downward.

Cole County health officials and Mayor Tergin are urging residents to do all they can to stay healthy and to decrease your risk of exposure.

Mayor Tergin says 48.7 percent of Cole County residents have now initiated COVID vaccination, and about 44 percent of the county’s residents are fully vaccinated.

The mayor also says Cole County health officials are recommending that those who are immunocompromised to reach out to their doctor with questions about an additional dose. Tergin notes additional doses for the general population have not been authorized at this time.

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