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Lawmakers praise Parson speech

Can Missouri politicians restore confidence in state government? That’s a big takeaway from Governor Parson’s speech, according to Democratic state representative Greg Razer.

“Occasionally, in any form of government like ours, you’re going to have bad actors that show up,” Rep. Razer tells Missourinet. “But the House of Representatives showed this year that we can put politics aside.”

Razer says he was pleased by the speech from the new Republican governor. Republican Sen. Bob Dixon agreed.

“He came in a different door,” Dixon said to Missourinet. “This is a time for us to all come together, and some of the words that he used were just perfect.”

Parson has been spending his first few days in charge meeting with Republicans and Democrats. Monday before his speech he met with several members of Congress, including Senators Blunt and McCaskill. Also Monday, the House ended the special session called by lawmakers to investigate Gov. Greitens.

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