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Photo of the tornado late on May 22, 2019 near Eugene (Courtesy: Jaclyn Morrow)

Lincoln president’s home will take 8-10 months to repair after tornado

Repairs to the Lincoln University president’s home are expected to take about 8-10 months. School spokesperson Misty Young says the home was heavily damaged by last month’s Jefferson City tornado.

President Jerald Jones Woolfolk was in the home when the tornado wrecked it, but she was not hurt. The tornado blew out all the windows and doors.

“[Woolfolk] could tell that the house had been damaged, but it was dark and the electricity was out,” Young tells our sister station KWOS. “We had some officers from the Lincoln University Police Department that had to walk up to get her. They weren’t able to get a vehicle up to get her because there were power lines and trees and just a lot of debris in the streets.”

The stone home was built in 1916. You can see it on top a large hill along the Highway 50 and 63 expressway at the capital.

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