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Columbia-based Coil Construction helped build the popular Level Up entertainment center at Columbia Mall (file photo courtesy of Coil Construction website)

(LISTEN): Coil Construction owners Randy and David Coil appear on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Roundtable”

Columbia-based Coil Construction has built numerous shopping areas, restaurants, medical facilities and entertainment facilities that you and your family members have visited for the past 49 years. They include Columbia’s Missouri Heart Center, Level Up at Columbia Mall, Shakespeare’s South and the Broadway Bluffs shopping center. Randy Coil founded Coil Construction in 1975. His son David is now Coil’s president. David is only the second employee to be company president. Coil Construction owners Randy and David Coil joined host Fred Parry in-studio Saturday morning on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Roundtable” program. They addressed the promotion in-detail. Randy Coil tells listeners that 70 percent of second-generation businesses fail nationally. He describes his son as a “relentless partner”, saying David Coil is frequently the first to arrive at the office and the last one to leave. Randy says that work ethic earned him the respect of fellow staff members. They also discussed the importance of culture in a construction company. David Coil tells listeners that Coil Construction has invested money to make sure they have the best people they can possibly afford. They also took a trip down memory lane and discussed Columbia in the 1970s: Dennis Harper of Harpo’s and Enos Stanley Kroenke both were mentioned on the show. Some of you might remember a clothing shop in downtown Columbia called Ladido of London:

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