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Then-Senate Majority Leader Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia) presides over the Missouri Senate in Jefferson City on January 28, 2021 (file photo courtesy of Harrison Sweazea at Senate Communications)

(LISTEN): “Missouri Times” publisher Scott Faughn discusses Missouri’s 2024 gubernatorial race and charter schools on “Wake Up Mid-Missouri”

Missouri’s 2024 GOP and Democratic gubernatorial primaries are fast approaching. Election day is Tuesday August 6. “Missouri Times” publisher Scott Faughn joined us live on 939 the Eagle’s “Wake Up Mid-Missouri”, telling listeners that GOP Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe has triple the amount of money of both of his major challengers combined. They are Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and State Sen. William Eigel (R-Weldon Spring). Mr. Faughn tells listeners that Mr. Kehoe is impressive and that people believe in him. Faughn also says he expects the trial attorneys to donate to Senator Eigel’s gubernatorial campaign this week. We also discussed an education bill signed into law by Governor Parson that allows charter schools to operate in Columbia Public Schools (CPS) and all Boone County school districts. CPS Superintendent Dr. Brian Yearwood has blasted the bill, telling business leaders in March that the bill would cause CPS to have to reduce teachers and staff. Dr. Yearwood tells 939 the Eagle that charter schools will lead to the demise of public schools. Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia), who sponsored the charter school provision, disagrees with that, saying Dr. Yearwood’s comments are ludicrous. Senator Rowden says the bill offers $450-million in new dollars for public education, in addition to $300-million in new dollars coming in the next few years. Mr. Faughn tells listeners that the charter school provision was Senator Rowden’s top priority. Faughn tells listeners that the bill will take some resources away from public schools. Mr. Faughn also criticized Superintendent Yearwood during the interview:

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