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Missouri Governor Mike Parson delivered Friday's keynote address at the 96th annual state FFA convention in Columbia (photo courtesy of Governor Parson's Twitter page)

(LISTEN): Missouri’s governor describes FFA students across the Show-Me state as the future

Missouri’s governor says describes the approximately 5,000 high school students who attended the state FFA convention in Columbia as the future of agriculture, Missouri, and the nation.

Governor Mike Parson drew thunderous applause from the students Friday afternoon at the Hearnes Center, when he asked them if they’re proud to wear their blue jackets. The governor tells 939 the Eagle he’s proud of them.

“They’re a key part of our state in what they display and who they are and their leadership abilities. I mean you look at these young men and women out there, they are the future,” Parson says.

Missouri’s governor tells high school FFA students that their experience with the program and at the recent state convention in Columbia will be a foundation for the rest of their lives. Governor Mike Parson, who farms in southwest Missouri’s Bolivar, grew up in Wheatland, a town of 356 people. He delivered the keynote Friday afternoon at the Hearnes Center and emphasized that to the audience:

“They’re going to understand what work ethic is, they’re going to remember how important agriculture is and all the things that they do. And how they’re going to affect other people’s lives. And I need to remind them of that. I get to see that when I go overseas how much people are dependent on what we do,” says Parson.

Columbia’s hotels, restaurants and shops were packed for the three-day convention, which wrapped up early Friday at about 6 pm.

The Missouri FFA says today’s members are tomorrow’s chemists, biologists and veterinarians.

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