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A Columbia Public Works tractor plow works an area near the city hall payment alley on January 8, 2024 (photo courtesy of Columbia Public Works spokesman John Ogan)

(LISTEN): More than two dozen Columbia Public Works snowplow crew members on-duty

A Columbia Public Works plow driver plows snow near the Howard Municipal building downtown on January 8, 2024 (photo courtesy of Columbia Public Works spokesman John Ogan)

Columbia Public Works has deployed a 26-person snowplow crew to battle the winter storm, which is expected to continue later this morning through the afternoon and evening commute. The Public Works department says the 26-person snowplow crew relieved the 16-person overnight crew, which began treating roads at 7 Monday evening.

Public Works spokesman John Ogan says they’ve primarily been focusing on first and second priority roads.

“Some of them include Broadway, Green Meadows road, Vandiver, Old (Highway) 63. We’ve got a nice little map there at comosnow-dot-com where you can see if your road is a priority road,” Mr. Ogan says.

Columbia’s priority routes are plowed and treated 24 hours a day as needed during a winter storm. Ogan is requesting that you not pass or tailgate the plow trucks. He notes they are large pieces of equipment.

“Our drivers are professionals. But especially if you’re trying to pass them on the right, they may not always see you and that’s an opportunity for a crash. And safety is our primary concern both for our drivers and for our residents,” says Ogan.

Columbia Public Works handles snow/ice management on designated city streets. The city says there are more than 1,400 miles of city-maintained streets, including 691 miles of first, second and third priority routes.

Mr. Ogan also tells 939 the Eagle that they have enough staff members to plow snow. Columbia’s street division has 44 full-time employees, with seven vacancies. Mr. Ogan encourages anyone interested in plowing snow to apply.

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