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A mid-Missouri home from Columbia-based Hemme Construction (file photo courtesy of Hemme Construction's website)

(LISTEN) Seewood says Columbia is grappling with housing crisis; average home price sold is now $396,000

Becky Thompson is the director for Columbia’s new Housing and Neighborhood Services department (2024 photo courtesy of Columbia spokeswoman Sydney Olsen)

The Columbia Board of Realtors says the average price of a home sold in April increased four percent to $396,000, while the median home price sold increased to $360,000.

City manager De’Carlon Seewood addressed affordable housing during Thursday’s state of the city address. Mr. Seewood says Columbia is grappling with a housing crisis.

“We have many unique aspects to take into consideration when talking about this issue. There is an overall shortage of housing. What’s more, there is especially a shortage of affordable housing for families and individuals who want to plant roots in our community,” Mr. Seewood says.

He praises the council for approving his proposed new Housing and Neighborhood Services department, led by new director Becky Thompson. Ms. Thompson is a Columbia native who graduated from Rock Bridge high school and Mizzou. She’s an attorney with seven years of experience as an assistant city counselor. She’s also been an assistant counsel for the state Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

Mr. Seewood tells the audience that he’s confident that the new department, led by Director Thompson, and other community partners will find new ways to build equity and help ensure that residents can build long-term financial security.

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