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Local delegate: strong Trump support in Cleveland

One of Columbia’s delegates in Cleveland says conservatives are rallying behind their presidential nominee.

Sara Walsh says on Wake Up Columbia they feel the love for Donald Trump at the GOP convention.

“As far as any sight or glimpse of the #NeverTrump movement…pretty much was one person in the lobby with no signatures on a list asking for signatures.”

Walsh was nominated to the convention as a pledged delegate to Ted Cruz. She says she’ll stand by that vote unless Cruz releases his delegates. The Texas Senator speaks Wednesday.

“I made a promise to the people who voted for me to be a delegate that I would cast my vote for Ted Cruz, and when I make a promise I keep it,” Walsh says.

Walsh says she did not even see a protester during a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Sunday night.

“We felt entirely safe. If it wasn’t for me following what was going on on social media, on my phone, I would never have known that there was any types of threats or protests whatsoever.”

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