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Rudy Veit
Rudy Veit

Local Republican questions Mo. House election resolution

One local Republican lawmaker says he does not support the Missouri House resolution claiming election fraud in several other states.

Rudy Veit, who is also an attorney in Jefferson City, says it could come back to haunt us.

“Next year, after we redistrict and, say, California doesn’t like our districts. Do we want California filing something with the legislature saying our votes don’t count because they didn’t like the way we drafted our districts?”

A Missouri House committee on Monday looked at the resolution claiming election fraud in several battleground states won by President-elect Biden. It is non-binding. Most local state House Republicans supported it.

Rep. Veit says it presumes too much.

“People who have already voted, that’s a real due process [issue] for them. Their vote is going to be taken away without proving any fraud.”

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