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Lohmar: Charges will not be filed in deadly November CPD officer-involved shooting downtown

The special prosecutor appointed to investigate November’s deadly officer-involved shooting outside Vibez in downtown Columbia says charges will not be filed against the officers.

St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar has written a report review, and he’s not requesting any additional investigations.

Suspect Quillan Jacobs was shot and killed by police, after Jacobs was involved in a shootout with a second suspect. Columbia Police Chief Geoff Jones says the incident began with two people in an active disturbance firing at each other. Police have said one suspect then fired his gun into a crowd of people: that suspect was Jacobs, according to the Lohmar report.

Two officers then shot and killed the suspect. Five people were wounded in the shootout between the two suspects.

Columbia Police Chief Jones and then-Mayor Brian Treece held a press conference the next morning at city hall. They described the shooting as a mass casualty incident. They also noted the Missouri State Highway Patrol was conducting the investigation.

Chief Jones says the CPD officers intervened to protect the public from harm caused during the shootout between two suspects. Mayor Treece said that morning that CPD’s presence in the downtown area saved lives. Officers provided trauma care to the victims.

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