Zachary Mohr

Man accused of hitting Moberly baby with tool box

UPDATE: Moberly police released the identity of the man accused of hitting the 10-month old baby girl. 23-year-old Zachary Mohr is currently in custody. He has been charged with abuse or neglect of a child.

Authorities also said the child is currently listed in critical condition with reported brain trauma and other indications of injuries to the face and body.

ORIGINAL STORY: A Moberly baby girl has life-threatening injuries after a man allegedly hit her.

Police say the 10-month-old was flown to a St. Louis hospital over the weekend in critical condition with brain trauma.

Investigators say the 23-year-old man caring for her hit the baby several times, including with a metal tool box and a cell phone, because she would not stop crying Saturday night. The child’s custodial mother saw injuries to the face and body, and went to a local hospital.

The alleged abuser was arrested on Sunday on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child. We do not know his name yet.

(This story was last updated at 7:44 a.m. Monday.)


  1. Somebody needs to beat him in the head with a toolbox!

  2. Thats to quick and easy. I say smash his hands first so he’ll suffer more and never be able to hold a cell phone or tool box again. And scream at him to stop crying as you hit him in the head lightly so as to not cause a tramatic injury just a severe headache. No pain killers either. Never understood how anyone could think that hitting a baby would do any thing but make the baby cry louder.

  3. His name is Zachary Mohr.

  4. Zachary morh of moberly mo

  5. Zachery Mohr was arrested Sunday in Randolph county 23 years old and arrested for child endangerment 1st degree

  6. I really don’t like how I’m sharing my first name with him.

  7. how is the baby 2 months later??!!!

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