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Midterm election results

Josh Hawley (R) is Missouri’s Senator-elect. McCaskill has conceded the race. Hawley won 51%-45%.

In the race for State Auditor, incumbent Nicole Galloway (D) edged challenger Saundra McDowell (R)  50%-45%. Galloway is now the only Democrat in statewide office in Missouri.

Amendment 1 (the “Clean Missouri” initiative), Amendment 2 (approving medical marijuana), Proposition B (raising the state’s minimum wage) and Amendment 4 (loosening bingo regulations) have been approved by voters. Amendment 1 was 62%-38% in favor, Amendment 2 was at 66%-34% “yes.” Prop B was favored by a 62%-38% margin.

Amendment 3 and Proposition C, competing medical marijuana issues, were soundly defeated. Proposition D, which would have raised the state gas tax to fund road concerns, was defeated, with “no” votes winning 54%-46% at the moment.

U.S. Representative incumbents Vicky Hartzler (R) and Blaine Leutkemeyer (R) are headed back to the House. Hartzler topped Renee Hoagenson (D) 65%-33% in District 4, while Leutkemeyer beat Katy Geppert (D) 65%-33% in District 3.

Several State Representative races across the area:
44th District: Cheri Toalson Reisch (R) over Maren Bell Jones (D) 57%-43%
45th District: Kip Kendrick (D) ran unopposed (9,418 votes)
46th District: Martha Stevens (D) over Cathy Richards (R) 57%-29% (Green Party candidate Bill Hastings 14%)
47th District: Chuck Bayse (R) over Adrian Plank (D) 57%-43%
50th District: Sara Walsh (R) over Michela Skelton (D) 59%-41%

In State Senate District 10, Jeannie Riddle (R) has defeated Ayanna Shivers (D), 70%-30%.

Boone County reported 70.3% turnout among its 107,600 registered voters, and they chose a Democratic sweep of the county government positions up for election. Voters retained Dan Atwill (D) as Presiding Commissioner by a 57%-43% margin over challenger Matthew Cavanaugh (R). Boone County will have a new Clerk, as challenger Brianna Lennon (D) defeated incumbent Taylor Burks (R), 53%-47%. The only other contested countywide race, for Recorder of Deeds, saw Nora Dietzel (D) defeat Lisa Ballenger (R) 56%-44%.

Voters in Centralia have approved a half-cent sales tax for public safety, 54%-46%.

Callaway County voters have made Gary Jungermann (R) their Presiding Commissioner over Susie Ferguson (D) by a margin of 69%-31%.

In Cole County, voters have approved a 27-cent property tax hike to support the Cole County Fire Protection District, 58%-42%. The next Cole County Clerk will be Steve Korsmeyer (R), who defeated Ann Moeckli (D) 79%-21%. Judy Ridgeway (R) is the next Cole County Recorder of Deeds, topping Ted Stewart (D) 71%-29%. The Cole County Prosecuting Attorney-elect is Locke Thompson (R), defeating D.K. Hirner 68%-32%.

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