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Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson brings experience as a news reporter, political strategist and elected official to “The Eagle’s” airwaves.

He’s worked in television, newspaper, radio and online media. He’s conducted hundreds of interviews over the last fifteen years – from the scenes of breaking news to neighborhood needs to entertainment stars to members of Congress and Presidential candidates.

While taking a break from media, Mike has been a campaign manager, communications consultant and was the National Field Director for former Congressman Bob Barr’s 2008 Libertarian Presidential campaign. He’s also been a business manager in both a small business and large corporate environment.

Before returning to Columbia, Mike served in numerous appointed and elected positions in Grandview, Missouri. He was the city’s chairman of the Transportation Committee, a member of the Planning Commission, an elected member of the local Water District’s Board of Directors and also an elected Alderman.

Mike knows there’s nothing too big or too small to impact our lives. He has a knack for keeping his finger on the pulse of our community and getting to the heart of the issues.

More importantly, Mike is “Dad” to Austin and Amber Ferguson, who are now the fifth generation of Fergusons to call mid-Missouri home.


  1. For generations immigrants flocked to America because we WERE NOT like other countries, but now we learn that we’ve been wrong for all those years, and we should become just like the countries from which our forefathers fled.

  2. I guess i missed something, can you tell me what happened to Gary Nolan?

  3. I heard about the New Jersey woman that wants to weight 1000 pounds on your show yesterday. Is she on goverment assistance so our tax dollars are helping her reach her lofty goals? Then she can be immobile, so our tax dollars will not only feed her lots of food, but try to keep her alive as well.

  4. With the release of the 8 day campaign fundraising reports yesterday I decided to avoid a few calls to answer questions by making a press release. The release is as follows.


    I am both honored and humbled with the release of the campaign finance reports. While I knew that in the forums and interviews with the media my leading performance and brief insightful responses had made an impression I had no idea of the magnitude of that impression. No organization expends the effort to raise more money than in needs. It is with some amazement I find many of my competitors believe they need between 20-40 times the money to succeed in their campaign rather than to rely solely on their merits. I find it unfortunate that having raised such extravagant sums of money they have chosen to spend almost twenty thousand dollars on advertising not only on firms outside of Columbia but frequently outside of the state of Missouri. I believe this to be a great disservice to our local companies and their employee’s. As a matter of interest, having seen and heard some of the advertisements I was struck by a thought. My competitors while seeking to represent Columbia and act as its spokesperson did not feel they made sufficient spokespersons unto themselves, instead choosing to use voiceovers and hire personalities for their advertisements. It has often been said throughout the campaign the Mayor is Columbia’s salesperson. I am left to wonder if they do not believe they would of themselves make a good impression on the residents of Columbia can we hope they will make good representatives for Columbia to the rest of the world? Never the less they are to be commended for their efforts to become involved in the community if only more would become so involved. Everyone is encouraged to vote on April 6th and express their views for the future of Columbia.

    Paul Love

    Columbia Mayoral Candidate 2010

    Love4mayor on facebook and twitter

  5. If he’s not in her custody.. all he has to do is block her on his facebook page and change his password. He’s being childish and whiney.


  7. The police are acting like thugs. you knock on the door to serve a warrant. you do not break in and then say you are scared and start shooting. this cowboy gun nut attitude is wrong. “I was just obeying orders”

  8. Mike, good show. The question about who for President, I think might be better spent on Congress. We need to get Congress equal to the Executive branch and then to put the Supreme Court in its place. Two equal branches with a referee. The ref is supposed to just enforce the rules, not make them. Good talking to you,

  9. Hi Mike, Love your show. I thought I’d bring a possible issue to your attention. I seem to be able to get clear 99 online streaming through my MU internet connection but cannot get streaming 93.9. Both use the same player. I have noticed the lack of 93.9 for some time, but just now discovered that clear 99 has no problem. Same problem on various computers. I can get 93.9 on my laptop at home no problem. Is this a case of censorship I wonder? I thought you guys might be interested in doing some investigation.


  10. Mike the bilnd folks question is not about the parents. The question is about the government. I say get rid of dfs.
    Heck we do not have the money anyway.

  11. The following is my response to the following article:
    “Obama Administration Reverses Course, Forbids Sale of 850,000 Antique Rifles
    By Maxim Lott
    Published September 01, 2010

    The 87,310 M1 Garands each can hold 8 rounds in an N-Block clip and the 770,160 M1 Carbines each can hold 15 to 30 rounds in detachable magazines. The Beretta 92F, semi-automatic pistol, can hold up to 20 or 30 rounds with detachable magazines. Thousands of the Beretta pistols have been sold in the US over the past 30 years. The logic of the gun control proponents just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. It doesn’t matter if these rifles have been used by the military the people have a right to own, posses, and bear arms at the most basic level that the military can use. Do you really think some drug dealer, bank robber, or gang member is going to try buy one of these weapons to use to commit a crime. No, but many law abiding citizens could purchase these weapons to defend themselves, their family, and their homes. President Obama has forgotten the service he said that his grandfather gave for this country using one of the rifles and he should honor that history.

  12. A friend of mine who lives in Missouri (formerly in Columbia) wrote a great book that I think other listeners would find interesting! It’s coming out in the next week or so, but check out his website & watch some video clips on

  13. Mike Looking forward to seeing you this afternoon around 5Pm.
    These highlights may be of assistance

    High lights from Ryan’s Petition
    Filed 2-14-11

    The only two witnesses that testified against Ryan (Jerry Trump and Chuck Erickson) have now admitted to giving false testimony during Ryan’s Trial.

    Jerry Trump and Charles Erickson have now stated Prosecutor Crane aided and abetted in their false testimony

    That Prosecutor Crane knowingly allowed and encouraged Trump and Erickson’s false testimony to be heard in court.

    These are serious allegations and would indicate that Prosecutor Crane committed suborned perjury against Ryan Ferguson during the October 2005 Trial.

    This is a serious breach of Crane’s responsibilities and duties as a prosecutor.

    You can see their sworn affidavits below,

    Charles Erickson’s Sworn Affidavit admitting to perjury:
    Part 34
    Why Erickson pleaded against Ryan
    Parts 12, 13, – 34

    Jerry Trump’s Sworn Affidavit
    Parts 16 and 17

    This affidavit shows that the first time Trump saw the newspaper was in the prosecutor’s office 12-21-04. This refutes Prosecutor Crane’s statement that he never showed Trump any photos or the newspaper before the trial.

    It clearly shows that Trump’s wife did not sent him the newspaper while he was in prison as was testified. His latest affidavit clearly shows his testimony was false.
    Trial Transcript Page 1,000 Ln 18 – Page 1,002 Ln 25
    This is just one of Prosecutor Crane lies to the court during Ryan’s Trial.

    False Police Reports

    The 81 page Petition and 38 Affidavit’s can be found on

    The petition and exhibits were filed in Cole County February 14, 2011.

  14. Name Beverly Martin

    Mike is a professional who brings excitement and up-to-date commentary to issues facing Missourians. As a guest on his show, I can say he puts one completely at ease, encourages both the pros and cons of the issue and has an incredible knowledge of what is happening in Missouri.

  15. Thank you, MIke, for the service you are providing.
    I would have to agree with Bill O’Reilly, Gary Nolan and Neil Boort of Atlanta that the education provided in K-12 public schools in the United States since the creation of the teachers’ unions (NEA, AFT) is the number one reason for our society collapsing since the late 1950s.
    In April 1978, I declined a renewal to my Graduate Teaching Assisantship at UMC closing with “We need junior high and high school teachers to stand shoulder to shoulder and stop this fall!” I returned to Kansas City in May. Around June 20, I called the Department of Mathematics. “My name is … Remember me? … Well, I changed my mind.” After waiting in line, I became a graduate student again in Fall 1978.
    If you would like to hear what I heard during the first four minutes of the first education class I was going to take for certification, then you are welcome to a paper titled “No wonder education is falling.”
    Thank you, again, Mike for your service at Eagle. John W.

    After attending a class in education for certification

    As a former college teacher (mathematics) who decided to leave the University of Missouri in 1978 and become a high school teacher because college students came in unprepared, who looked at his watch four minutes after the first education class began (Kansas City campus)

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