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Missouri Gov. Parson announces bid for full term

(AP) Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson says he’s running to keep his seat.

Parson, who had long been expected to run for a full term, made it official on Sunday by announcing his candidacy near his cattle ranch in Bolivar.

Voters didn’t elect Parson governor. Instead, he was elected lieutenant governor in 2016 and then took over as the state’s top executive in 2018 after former GOP Gov. Eric Greitens resigned in the face of potential impeachment.

Parson’s understated and collegial approach to governing stands in stark contrast to Greitens’ unapologetic and brazen style, and political observers say that low-key approach could serve Parson well with voters.

Parson will face off against Auditor Nicole Galloway, who is the only Democrat and woman currently holding statewide office in Missouri.

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  1. This is NOT the person we need. This man has no concerns on what the people of this state needs. Example.. a lady stands for days waiting to speak with the so called Gov. Mike Parson and what does he do when she pleads with him to talk to her?
    He kept walking and would not respond to her. All she was asking for was a little bit of time to help figure out a issue with her child.
    Another example let’s take my story I’ll make it short… My 3 yr. And 1 yr. Old get abused by there parent and step parent. For a yr. I called trying to get ahold of the Gov. Because of all the falsified papers from dfs due to relitives of there’s that are employed by dfs. Also pictures of my granddaughter stabbing a goat with a knife and licking the blood off it as the next pic. Shows her knelling by a dead goat with a smile. Now really that’s why pass a Halloween picture.
    My grandson was beaten like a man by this step monster .and his mother but covered by dfs. The Gov. Office decided they had enough of me and told me they won’t help and they have 20 calls a day on the same issue and they are referred to dfs, the same people who lied, falsified, and descremated against my disabled son. They refused to help and told me I will not be speaking to the Gov. Now I get it. The Gov. Allows dfs to do what dfs wants one hand feeding the other. Now why would a man want to save unborn babies yet not give a damn about the other children who are being beaten and molested and why does he allow all the corruption in this state. I for one reported this corruption more than once. I was told to leave it alone.
    So if this is who Mo. elects then I hope and pray those voting for him don’t ever have issues that make u have to turn to this office. Please think twice before your vote cause Mo is corrupted enough we need to remove the corruption not allow another term of it.

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