Missouri health director warns revelers: Virus is still here

(AP) — Missouri’s health director has issued a dire warning after photos and video showed Memorial Day weekend revelers partying close together: The coronavirus is still here, and the spreading of illnesses could have “long-lasting and tragic” results.

One video on social media shows a crammed pool at Lake of the Ozarks, with people lounging and playing close together, without masks.

The lake draws people from as far away as Arkansas and Iowa. It’s especially popular with travelers from St. Louis city and county, which combined account for more than half of Missouri’s confirmed cases and more than two-thirds of the state’s 685 deaths.


  1. There has to be something the counties around the Lake of the Ozarks can do or the state health director to limit these kinds of gatherings. I know there is not a limit at this time. But this affects everyone, these people are going back to various other cities and states with the chance of infecting others. Then the full time Lake residents that were also crazy enough to go to these establishments affect more people that live here. There is the staff of the businesses that are glad to be back to work but they are at risk for getting infected if not this weekend then the next when everyone is back again and perhaps asymptomatic. We have to stop the spread and allowing these large numbers of gatherings. It is just going to start a huge uptick of cases and perhaps state-wide closings again. We have to have regulations on the numbers of people together, even with signs at some places to practice social distancing is not enough. These people paid no attention. Its sad for everyone who is trying to be safe and still stay home or not be in crowds. But we still have to go the the grocery store, we still have to go to the pharmacy, we want to go to a small farmers market to get fresh produce and now the people that were swarming in those crowds will be at these places too put the careful ones at risk again.

  2. This is the result of why I (we) stayed home for months for?! I put alot of this on hayseed Parson. All of our gains will be lost. In March we had a panic on our hands as people were scared to death of what was happening. Today…its like nothing has happened..business as usual. Next time you people wave your Stars & Bars, Don’t Tread On Me ,Trumper 2020 flags, and lets not forget your guns, just remember it will more than likely be a health care worker that saves your sorry asses because you thought your rights were in jeopardy.

  3. People that actually earn a paycheck are tired of being told they have to stay home and can’t go to work. The MSM is picking on the Lake of the Ozarks because it’s in a Republican lead state. Did anybody hear any complaints about the crowds on the beaches in democratic lead states? Beaches have been crowded for over a month and very little if anything has been mentioned.
    If you want to just sit on your lazy butts and draw your welfare check, that’s your business. Meanwhile the rest of us that want to work are going to do so. And when it comes to playtime, we’re going to do that too! If your lazy asses don’t like it, too bad!

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