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The former Noble and St. Mary's Hospital in mid-Missouri's Mexico (2022 file photo courtesy of "Mexico Ledger" managing editor Mathew Pilger)

Missouri health officials deny reinstatement of operating licenses for two rural mid-Missouri hospitals

The former Noble and St. Mary’s Hospital in mid-Missouri’s Mexico (2022 photo courtesy of “Mexico Ledger” managing editor Matt Pilger)

A state lawmaker from mid-Missouri’s Mexico says Platinum Health has not made required major repairs to the now-closed Mexico and Fulton hospitals.

State Rep. Kent Haden (R-Mexico) tells the “Mexico Ledger” that is the reason that the state Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) denied reinstatement of the hospital licenses. The hospitals have been closed since late March.

DHSS says Mexico’s hospital needs window repairs, while the aging Fulton hospital must repair its HVAC system and hot water heater. Representative Haden tells the newspaper that the old Mexico hospital may never pass inspection, and that a new hospital would likely have to be built.

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