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Missouri proposes ban on marijuana companies paying taxes in cash

(AP) Missouri’s health department wants to ban medical marijuana businesses from paying taxes, fines or fees in cash.

A hopeful Missouri marijuana producer said that banning cash payments could shut small businesses out of the industry.

However, national banks are shying away from working with marijuana industries because selling cannabis is federally banned.

The Health and Senior Services Department is accepting public feedback on the proposed emergency rule through Tuesday.


  1. I can understand the banks not wanting to take marijuana dispenser money. They would be in possession of illegally obtained money via federal law. But there are ways around that. As for paying legal debts. And banking as well. Many major corporation use off shore accounts. Or even living in Illinois and owning a dispensary. Many banks will only do business with with residents of the local area. As for paying money orders and such would take care of that problem. The federal law can be taken care of. Many will dislike this comment but trump plans to take marijuana off the list and make it legal. Stay strong America!

  2. P.s. it’s kittle my thumbs are to big for my pnone lol.

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