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Missouri Supreme Court blocks part of voter ID law

(MissouriNet) The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld Tuesday a lower court’s ruling about the state’s voter ID law.

The high court agrees with a Cole County Court judge’s decision to strike down a requirement making voters without a photo ID sign a statement swearing to their identity. In the 5-2 court opinion, it says the affidavit’s language is misleading and therefore unconstitutional.

Creve Coeur State Senator Jill Schupp, a Democrat, agrees.

“I’m delighted that the people’s votes will be protected,” said Schupp. “So we move forward and we try to protect our elections and try to make sure everyone’s vote counts.”

The court also bars the Secretary of State’s office from distributing information saying a photo ID is required to vote. Left-leaning group Priorities USA sued the state arguing the statement language is confusing.

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