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Missouri’s Supreme Court issues decision in high-profile Jefferson City teacher case

Missouri’s highest court has unanimously upheld the firing of a Jefferson City Public Schools (JCPS) teacher who was terminated after she transferred confidential student information to her personal e-mail account.

Missouri’s Supreme Court issued its unanimous decision on Tuesday involving former JCPS teacher Tammy Ferry. JCPS praises the ruling, saying the district’s appeal of a lower court’s ruling reflects the district’s commitment to protecting students and their confidential student records.

The state’s highest court says the evidence supports the board’s decision that Ms. Ferry violated JCPS policy when she transferred the files to her personal e-mail account, without any legitimate educational purpose.

Here is the full statement from JCPS, reacting to Tuesday’s Missouri Supreme Court decision:

“The Jefferson City School District is thankful the Missouri Supreme Court took up this incredibly important case. Our pursuit of this appeal has been a reflection of the district’s commitment to protecting our students and their confidential student records. We feel strongly that the Court’s ruling to uphold the Board of Education’s decision is firmly in the best interest of our staff, students, and their families.”

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