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Mizzou football banned from 2019 bowl over academic violations

The NCAA is banning University of Missouri football, baseball, and softball from postseason eligibility in their upcoming seasons because of academic violations.

The decision announced yesterday said that a former tutor did the work of 12 student-athletes.

“Simply put, 12 student-athletes did not complete their own work,” the NCAA said in a release.

The investigation did not find she was directed by colleagues to do it.

“The tutor engaged in the activity despite receiving extensive and comprehensive education on appropriate tutoring practices.”

Mizzou football has a postseason ban for the 2019-20 academic year. Baseball and softball have postseason bans this spring. All the sports also have a five percent reduction in scholarships, and several recruiting restrictions.

The NCAA’s report did not name the tutor. Yolanda Kumar has repeatedly claimed she participated in academic fraud as a tutor for Mizzou athletics. She said on social media last summer she self-reported the violations to the NCAA in November 2016. She tweeted more allegations Thursday night.

Athletic Director Jim Sterk said on Thursday that Mizzou will appeal the penalties:

“Once these issues were brought to our attention in November 2016, the university moved swiftly and fully cooperated with the NCAA Enforcement staff to jointly investigate the allegations that were made. We are shocked and dismayed by the penalties that have been imposed today and will aggressively fight for what is right.

The Committee on Infractions has abused its discretion in applying penalties in this case, and the University will immediately appeal this decision that has placed unfair penalties on our department and programs. It is hard to fathom that the University could be cited for exemplary cooperation throughout this case, and yet end up with these unprecedented penalties that could unfairly and adversely impact innocent current and future Mizzou student-athletes.

It is important to note that this was the action of one individual, who acted unilaterally and outside of the expectations that we have established for our staff members.

I assure our alumni, friends and our community that the deeply disappointing actions of that one individual do not reflect the values and expectations we hold for our staff. Mizzou coaches, student-athletes and staff are committed to upholding our core values of respect, integrity, gratitude, humility and togetherness. We will move forward living up to our frequently stated ideal of “Win it Right” and vigorously defend this unjust penalty.”

(This story was last updated at 5:57 a.m. Friday.)


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  1. I don’t care a bit about college athletics, but shouldn’t the actual STUDENTS be banned and not the whole program? Especially if these were students from 2-3 years prior?

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