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Mizzou student COVID-19 testing underway

Mizzou has started giving free COVID-19 tests to students this week.

John Middleton, a professor of veterinary medicine and chair of the MU Faculty Council, said every student living in on-campus facilities must get tested before the start of the spring semester.

“This is a data collection exercise, but it’s also a targeted surveillance strategy to allow us to assess the undergraduate population at the time of arrival to campus,” said Middleton.

School officials say most students will get their test at home, and will have to show proof they received it. As of early Wednesday, more than 150 students have been tested this week during arrival testing, with four coming back positive.

Off-campus students aren’t required to get tested, but can get one for free at the Hearnes Center between Jan. 17-21 if they want. The school is using CARES Act funding to pay for the free tests to students.

Mizzou’s spring semester starts Tuesday.

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