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A MoDOT snow plow in Jefferson City (October 21, 2021 file photo courtesy of MoDOT's Adam Pulley)

MoDOT cites pay as primary reason for record turnover

A MoDOT snow plow in Jefferson City (October 21, 2021 photo courtesy of MoDOT’s Adam Pulley)

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) says it’s experiencing record high turnover, and is on pace to lose 800 employees by the end of the year.

MoDOT spokeswoman Linda Wilson Horn tells 939 the Eagle that the primary reason that employees leave is pay.

“And we’re just not keeping up with the market. There is a very high demand for CDL drivers across the board. You can’t watch the news and not see that,” Wilson Horn says.

MoDOT’s entry-level maintenance workers, which include snow plow drivers, are paid $15.25 per hour. They’re also required to have a CDL license.

Wilson Horn also warns the public about what would happen during a widespread winter storm that lasts more than 12 hours:

“When we have a big statewide storm, we’re going to have a difficult time filling all of our trucks on a second shift,” says Wilson Horn.

Wilson Horn says MoDOT has averaged a turnover of 600 employees annually for the past five years.

MoDOT conducted its annual winter operations drill on Thursday, noting 20 percent of their plow operators have less than one year of experience.


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