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Joseph Elledge
Joseph Elledge has been convicted of second degree murder for the death of his wife, Menggi Ji

Numerous objections from both sides in Columbia’s Elledge murder trial

Jurors in Joseph Elledge’s Columbia murder trial heard Thursday testimony from a former CPD detective involved in the October 2019 investigation.

The 26-year-old Elledge is charged with killing his wife, Menggi Ji.

Former CPD detective Alan Mitchell was cross-examined several times on Thursday by defense attorney Matei Stroescu, and testifies that Columbia Police questioned Elledge in an eight-by-eight windowless room, with the door shut. Mitchell says the interview was done in that room, because it had audio and video equipment.

Mitchell was then questioned by Boone County Prosecutor Dan Knight, saying that Elledge requested CPD contact four times in October 2019: from the 10th through the 13th. Mitchell also testifies that the door was not locked, and that Elledge’s freedom of movement was not restricted.

ABC-17 News reports FBI spent agent Michael Easter testified Thursday afternoon, saying a cell tower shows Elledge’s phone places it in the area of Rock Bridge state park on October 10, 2019, from about 11:18 to 11:48 that morning.

Boone County jurors in Elledge’s trial heard nine hours of testimony on Thursday. The day was highlighted by numerous objections from Boone County Prosecutor Knight and defense attorney Scott Rosenblum. We counted six or seven conferences with the judge on Thursday afternoon alone, and one of those conferences appeared to be a bit heated.

Elledge wore a dark suit, white dress shirt and dark tie in court on Thursday and sat with his hands folded, with a water bottle in front of him. Security is tight in the courtroom, and jurors are allowed to take notes during the trial.

Court will resume at 8:30 Friday morning.

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