Parson, Blunt say Rocheport I-70 bridge has far-reaching impact

(Missourinet) Governor Mike Parson and Senator Roy Blunt pointed to progress on paying for Missouri roads and bridges, during a stop in Rocheport on Wednesday.

Early work has started on a new quarter-billion dollar I-70 bridge across the Missouri River there.

Senator Blunt says it’s a key road for the entire country’s economy.

“The biggest advantage we have where we live is where we live. Location really matters to us. It is our competitive advantage,” Sen. Blunt says.

Money from the federal and state government is going toward the project. Local governments near Rocheport, like Boone County and Columbia, have committed a couple million dollars too.

Governor Parson says the Rocheport bridge is not just a big deal for locals.

“This bridge is truly about the state of Missouri. It’s not about just one part. It’s about a lifeblood, a lifeline that we have going across the state of Missouri when you look at I-70 and the transportation, the economic growth that has for our state.”

Parson says the federal grant will also help pay for new climbing lanes on I-70 at Mineola Hill in Montgomery County.

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