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Mike Parson
Mike Parson

Parson lays out plan to fight violence in St. Louis

(Missourinet) As promised, Gov. Mike Parson returned to St. Louis Thursday with a plan for state government to help the St. Louis area fight a “growing number of gun crimes,” as he describes it. St. Louis continues to have one of the nations highest violent crime rates, year after year.

Highlights of his agreement with city and county leader starting Oct. 1 include:

– Two state Troopers to the US Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force
– $2 million dedicated to the St. Louis area from the Victims of Crime Act to assist victims services.
– Two state highway patrol troopers to the ATF Strike Force
– Two state trooper and one cyber analyst to the Mission Saved Task Force
– Highway Patrol interstate highway surges for highways through St. Louis targeting violent criminals, with four to six troopers per surge.
– Two investigators to the U.S Attorney’s Office to assist with federal gun and drug cases

The plan uses 25 officers/staff and will cost between $3 million and $4 million.

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