Mike Parson
Mike Parson

Parson warns of virus threat, will not issue mask mandate

Gov. Mike Parson says he won’t issue a statewide mask mandate like Kansas and Iowa have done in recent days.

He said again he wants to leave decisions on health restrictions up to local officials.

“The emphasis that is put on by some media outlets is like I am opposed to wearing a mask. I have never been opposed to that,” Parson said during Thursday’s press conference in Jefferson City. “What I am opposed of is mandates from this position to the people of this state.”

Parson says he recommends limiting what you do over the holidays, but won’t crack down on your party.

“I am not gonna mandate who goes in the front door of your home.”

The state has had more coronavirus cases in the past month than was reported in the entire pandemic before that, according to Parson. He says hospitals are feeling the strain, especially when it comes to staffing.

Parson on Thursday extended the state of emergency because of the pandemic through Mar. 31, 2021.

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