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Police find human remains during Shultz search

Columbia police chief Geoff Jones says detectives and Solid Waste crews in Columbia’s landfill found human remains on Wednesday, as they looked for the body of Megan Shultz.

Searchers had been looking in Columbia’s landfill for a little more than a week. They had narrowed the search to several acres, with piles of trash up to 50 feet high.

“It was no surprise to us that we found it. Just…the level of effort put into this by these people was inspiring,” Jones said.

Those remains were turned over to medical examiners, who will now try to confirm it is Shultz. She is the Columbia woman who went missing in 2006. Wisconsin police say her husband, Keith Comfort, admitted last month that he killed Shultz and put her in a city dumpster.

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