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Possible New Restrictions Sexually Oriented Businesses

 The legislation, passed by the State Senate, would ban nudity at strip clubs and force partly nude employees to stay 6 feet away from customers. It also would make strip clubs and adult video stores close by midnight and restrict the location of new adult entertainment businesses. Senators passed the bill Thursday and sent it to the House.


  1. what a bunch of crap!, I see the law makers just son’t have anything better to do than to make up stupid laws like this one. I think they all need to go! (legislatiors)

  2. I think this mad man is really a fellow that is a sex addict himself! You do not know what goes on in an establishment unless he is a customer himself. He most likely was rejected by the beautiful sexy women working the poles etc. If people really knew how many ladies work in these clubs are our MU students working to pay for college and expenses! Gees get a life when we need jobs these days humm!Hey Brian I worked with you at KCMQ early 90’s. Later Clay

  3. well Clay there you have it, you don’t know as much as you think, could be I own one. I know what goes on in these clubs, and for the most part all clubs have there own rules, and bouncers to take care of unruly people, I personally would never want to date a striper, most of them are drug addicts, and they need the money to buy drugs, as for the ladies that work there, they are not ladies, I think maybe your one of the dims that is out of touch with reality!

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