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Joseph Elledge

Prosecutor calls husband prime suspect in Mengqi Elledge case

Boone County’s prosecutor points the finger at the husband in the case of a missing Columbia woman.

ABC 17 reports Dan Knight called Joseph Elledge the prime suspect in the disappearance of Mengqi Ji Elledge on Wednesday. She’s been missing about a month. Police say in court documents that Joseph waited more than a day to report his wife missing, and drove through remote areas of mid-Missouri before filing the report.

Mengqi Elledge
Mengqi Ji Elledge

A Columbia police detective said on Wednesday he does not believe Mengqi Ji Elledge is still alive. He also said there’s no physical evidence right now connecting Joseph to her disappearance.

Joseph Elledge is in jail, but it’s on a felony child abuse charge. He was trying to get his $500,000 bond reduced during Wednesday’s hearing. The judge has not announced her decision on that yet.

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